sábado, 17 de marzo de 2018

Old Time Country Shots nº 128 – Programa del sábado 17 de Marzo

Muy buenas amigos, seguimos viajando al pasado de la música country en una nueva entrega de Old Time Country Shots con la emisión nº 128 correspondiente al sábado 17 de Marzo de 2018. Ya tenéis a vuestra disposición el podcast en MIXCLOUD y en IVOOX con la posibilidad de descargarlo y escucharlo a lo largo de la semana, saludos.



Hoy con la siguiente programación:
1- Charline Arthur - Just Look, Don't Touch, He's Mine
2- Don Gibson - Ice Cold Heart
3- Bob Wills - Sunbonnet Sue
4- Byron Parker & His Mountaineers - Up Jumped The Devil
5- Al Clauser and his Oklahoma Outlaws - Texas Quickstep
6- June Carter Cash - Leftover Loving
7- Terry Fell - Caveman
8- Jimmy Pritchett - That's The Way I Feel
9- Jim Reeves - My Rambling Heart
10- Tibby Edwards - There Ain't No Better Time
11- Weldon Rogers - Please Return My Broken Heart 
12- Sonny Hall & His Ozark Boys - Better Make Up Your Mind
13- Ray Harris - Lonely Wolf
14- Tommy Kizziah & His West Coast Ramblers - Rambler's Boogie
15- Idaho Call And His Sun Valley Cowboys - I've Lived, Loved, and Learned
16- Lou Millet - My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Of Me
17- Jimmie Widener - What A Line!
18- Nichols, Cowboy Slim And His Rangesters - I'm Telling You
19- Jimmy Swan - Lonesome Daddy Blues
20- Mel Price & The Santa Fe Rangers - Gonna See My Baby
21- Swift Jewel Cowboys - Coney Island Washboard
22- Jimmy Capps - The Natchez Trace
23- The Pals - My Baby Likes To Rock

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