lunes, 22 de abril de 2024

39- La Countrygramola (Abril 2024)


Muy buenas amigos, aquí me presento con una nueva entrega de la countrygramola, otra hora para disfrutar de 16 novedades musicales que giran en torno al country tradicional.

Esperando que disfrutéis con esta selección musical, os dejo los enlaces al podcast y poder escucharlo cuando mejor os venga.

Muchas gracias a todos... 





En esta trigésimo novena countrygramola, podremos disfrutar con los siguientes invitados:

1- Jesse Daniel - Comin' Apart At The Seams (2024)
Comin' Apart At The Seams

2- Wolf van Elfmand - Don't Call It Country (2024)
Big Ol' Binge

3- Lance Rogers - Too Late For Flowers (2024)
Pretty Gone

4- Jenny Don't And The Spurs - Pain In My Heart (2024)
Pain In My Heart

5- Bernie Nelson - Stockyards Cadillac (2024)
Stockyards Cadillac

6- Brian Hogan - Gettin' Over You (2024)
Gettin' Over You

7- Junior Brown - (The American Original) 22 Favorite Songs (2024)
Another Honky Tonk Burned Down / Whats Wrong With This Picture (feat. Tanya Rae Brown)

8- Ramona and the Holy Smokes - I Want You To Be My Man (2024)
I Want You To Be My Man

9- Big Fancy & The Shiddy Cowboys - The Legendary Loser Wins Again (2024)
Nothin' Good Happens After Midnite

10- Sean Eamon - With a Lean (2024)
If Love Was a Fighter

11- Vanessa Dee & The Brightsides - Not Your Favourite Anymore (2024)
Not Your Favourite Anymore

12- John Miller and His Country Casuals - The Losers Hall Of Fame (2024)
The Pity Party Is Over / Who Am I Supposed To Love

13- Max Devereaux - California Cowboy (2024)
California State Route 99 / Buried by the Algorithm

14- Rosy Nolan - One of Your Songs (2024)
One of Your Songs

15- Jason Hannan - Heading South (2024)
Lovesick and Sorrow

16- Frosty McWilliams - Gunfighters, Cowboys & Outlaws (2024)
Big Iron

Canción fondo
Darrell McCall - Keeping With Tradition (2009)
Fast As I Can Crawl