domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Blue Moon Kentucky nº 108 - Programa del domingo 2 de Julio

Saludos amigos, iniciamos los especiales del mes de Julio de BLUE MOON KENTUCKY, hoy con TEXAS HONKY TONK - VOCES FEMENINAS, ya tenéis disponible el programa nº 108 correspondiente al domingo 2 de Julio de 2017. Aquí os dejo el podcast con todo el country tradicional, western swing y honkytonk a tu alcance y la posibilidad de descargar el programa y escucharlo a lo largo de la semana, saludos y muchas gracias.

Set - List:
Anita Allen - Zip Code
Connie Hanson & Friend - There's Still A Lot Of Love In San Antone
Dawnett Faucett - Cheap Perfume
Linda Cassady - Going To The Dogs (With A Swingin' Alley Cat)
Pat Murry - I'll Gladly Be Your Third
Dixie Rogers - Our First Date
Heidi Hauge - I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again
Jean Shepard - I Just Want To Sing My Song
Kikki Danielsson - Texas (When I Die)
Margie Bowes - That's More Than You Can Say
Anne Kirkpatrick - Born For The Night Life
Dawn Sears - Close Up The Honky Tonks
Janell Rae - She's Nobody's Girl
Jeannie Seely - Today Is Not The Day
Kristi Kalyn - Shuffle Back To Me
Boots Till - Yield The Right Of Way (To Your Heart)
Connie Moore - It's Your Turn To Lose
Donna Darlene - Invitation To The Blues
Jody Miller - Another Lonely Night
Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers - Heavy On The Lonesome
Dottie Moore - I'm Not Gonna Answer The Door Anymore
The Steffin Sisters - Paddlin' Joe

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